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syslink Xandria 5.2 Revision 5

syslink Xandria 5.2 Revision 5 adds the option to export and import Custom Check definitions, to include RealTime Monitoring Check Results into Service Level Reports, and to define the Parameter Values Custom Check for SAP Systems with Java stacks.

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September 2014

Ciber relies on innovative System Management Solution syslink Xandria

Pfäffikon, September 4, 2014 – Ciber AG, a globally acting SAP Service Provider located in Heidelberg/Germany joins the customer base of syslink. So, the people at syslink are still convinced there is a growing market for the System Management Application that is focused on SAP Solutions.

Ciber has switched monitoring of the about 500 SAP systems they operate on behalf of their customers to syslink Xandria in June already. The migration was completed in August with the switch of the Service Level Reporting functions.

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syslink Xandria Certification

Although usage of syslink Xandria can be learned easily and the introduction usually does not require project activities at the client's side, many customers express their demand for training activities. First of all, this happens in case there is a whole team in charge of a syslink Xandria instance or there are multiple instances of syslink Xandria operated.

January 2014

syslink Xandria manages more than 20,000 Objects

For the first time in history the number of managed objects by syslink Xandria exceeds the number of 20,000. These 20,000 objects, Servers, SAP Applications Servers, and Databases, form more than 6,000 SAP Systems. In other words:

On more than 6,000 SAP Systems syslink Xandria guarantees an efficient system operation process!

November 2013

Swiss SAP Service Provider syslink On Growth Course

Basel, November 20, 2013 – At beginning of October Oliver Waffenschmidt took over the lead of all sales and PR activities of the Basel-based SAP specialist syslink. He was Account Manager for Global Managed Services at IDS Scheer Consulting GmbH before. Consequently, syslink is pursuing future growth especially in the area of hosting and outsourcing services.

September 2013

What’s new in XanGui 5.2.2?

Custom Performance Types

Starting with XanGui 5.2.2 you can collect, aggregate, display, and report performance data from external sources. The function is tightly integrated into the well-known Run-Program Custom Check. Custom Performance Data is displayed in the same way as for the built-in performance resources. And it is of course available in the Service Level Reports as well.