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syslink Xandria 5.2 Revision 5

syslink Xandria 5.2 Revision 5 adds the option to export and import Custom Check definitions, to include RealTime Monitoring Check Results into Service Level Reports, and to define the Parameter Values Custom Check for SAP Systems with Java stacks.

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What’s new in XanGui 5.2.2?

Custom Performance Types

Starting with XanGui 5.2.2 you can collect, aggregate, display, and report performance data from external sources. The function is tightly integrated into the well-known Run-Program Custom Check. Custom Performance Data is displayed in the same way as for the built-in performance resources. And it is of course available in the Service Level Reports as well.

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The Next Step in Mobile System Management

Those of you owning an iPhone or iPad probably benefit from all the advantages of the XanMobile App for mobile access to your syslink Xandria installation.

Starting with syslink Xandria 5.2 XanMobile will be available for other smartphones as well, like Android devices, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone.