syslink Xandria 7 Released

Today we released version 7 of our System Management Solution syslink Xandria, providing a brand-new modern UI with Dasboards as well as a couple of checks you may find helpful in the area of compliance monitoring.

The new release focuses on tremendous user interface improvements on the one hand, and a simplified handling of the Xandria Server on the other hand. Apart from a more eye catching flat design, Dashboards finally arrive that allow you create a whole bunch of individual views on your data. The new Xandria Server package makes patching and updating the central Xandria components almost as easy as for the agents.

Completely Redesigned New User Interface

  • Flat Modern Design with Vector Graphics for High-DPI Displays
  • New Views for Predictive Resource Planning and Weekly Daily Check Overview
  • Improved Disabling of Checks:
    • New check properties completely resolve limitations of monitoring parameter DisabledCheckTypes, they can be managed locally or by monitoring parameter set
    • Check properties are merged together, e.g. you can simply turn off one check during night time
    • Automatic migration of existing monitoring parameter DisabledCheckTypes
  • Drill into on-demand realtime performance data from every monitoring agent

New Features For Compliance Monitoring and Reporting

  • Two New Custom Check Types: SAP Client Settings and Software Change options supplement the existing Parameter Values custom check feature

User Configurable Dashboards

  • Tailor one or more Dashboards to retrieve exactly the kind of information you need from syslink Xandria and share with your coworkers
  • Provide high-level views on service quality, compliance state, and resource planning

Tremendously Simplified Installation and Upgrade

  • Use a single server installer only for installation and upgrade of the Xandria Server
  • A new database installer and updater is integrated into the web UI
  • Unicode Support on MSSQL: The upgrade to Xandria 7 automatically performs Unicode migration

Other New Functions Related to SAP systems

  • New Custom Check for monitoring of specific QRFC queues
  • New Checks to test validity of Secure Store and Forward (SSF) and SSL certificates
  • New Check for the monitoring of Dispatcher Queues
  • Tremendously improved include and exclude handling for SAP JOB custom checks