syslink Xandria Adds SQL Anywhere Support

Starting with syslink Xandria 6 Revision 6 the Swiss System Management Solution adds native support for the SAP SQL Anywhere Database. It completes support of the range of RDBMS provided by SAP, next to SAP HANA, SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise, and MaxDB.

The total number of database types syslink Xandria supports increases to seven, including also Oracle, IBM DB2 Universal Database, and the Microsoft SQL Server.

For the SAP SQL Anywhere database, syslink Xandria features checks for connectivity, backup, transaction log, and messages, as well as for database spaces size and used space. There is also performance tracking and recording for the cache hit ratio and checkpoint and recovery urgency. In addition, the most important configuration changes of SAP SQL Anywhere are tracked automatically.

Revision 6 of syslink Xandria 6 also provides other new functions, like the RESTful Web Service Output Channel in the Notification Management. Implementing the OAuth 2.0 standard, this Output Channel allows to connect syslink Xandria to virtually any other service providing a RESTful API.

The new Revision 6 of syslink Xandria 6 is available as of today, March 27rd, 2017.