End-of-Life syslink Xandria 5.2

Support for syslink Xandria 5.2 ends on December 31st, 2017.

syslink Xandria 5.2 was released in July 2013 and slowly reaches the end of its life cycle.

It was the first version of syslink Xandria to support monitoring and management of SAP HANA, and it was the first solution worldwide that provided comprehensive monitoring functions for this platform.

We will provide security fixes for syslink Xandria 5.2 until December 31st, 2017. However, given the tremendous changes in the application's architecture from version 5.2 to the current version 6, we will correct bugs eventually discovered in syslink Xandria 5.2 only in version 6 patches. After December 31st, 2017 support for syslink Xandria 5.2 is terminated completely.