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syslink emerged from Price­water­house­Coopers’ outsourcing business in Switzerland, so we have 23 years worth of experience in SAP System Operation with a high level of staff continuity.

Transparency and mutual trust

We have developed the System Management Solution syslink Xandria because no other product answered our requirements for best-in-class system operation in the SAP area. Therefore we have mapped our idea of system management into software.

Of course we manage all the systems we are hosting using syslink Xandria. And we provide our clients access to this application all the time. So you can track system health states, availability data, or even Service Level Reports whenever you want. Based on your demand we provide either technical views, service views, or both.

Our Employees are our key asset. All members of our service teams are qualified, certified, and flexible SAP Basis Administrators and/or Project Managers with excellent communication skills. You will talk to humans rather than roles, having dedicated English, German, or French speaking peers with continuous direct communication links and quick response times.

Customer focus, reliability, and fairness are the cornerstones of every business relationship. Every customer has its individual needs, and so you will get an individual answer.

We think integration across all the different areas: a high degree of technological integration, integration of our different business areas, and integration into our customer’s structures and processes.

Creativity, innovation, and the ability to think and act in a visionary way are key to a constantly high level of service in a fast moving technology business. We commit ourselves to these challenges.

We are looking towards healthy business growth. Our performance is based on the appreciation for both, customers and employees. We aspire regional growth if we can meet our own performance expectations in the new markets.

We want our cus­tomers to per­ceive us as an inter­nal depart­ment in the best sense of the word. Short paths, direct lines, imme­di­ate responses, and a high level of staff continuity. We iden­tify with our cus­tomers, keep our promises, and don’t leave any issues unsolved.

We provide best-in-class products and services combined with the most simple handling. Our demands for robustness and security are the major strengths by which we are particularly distinguished.

Our solutions are no more complicated than the problems supposed to solve. But they can grow with the changing demands. The exceptional issues are spur to action.

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