syslink Xandria 6 available!

There is a bunch of great new functions in this release, like support for the SAP Web Dispatcher, SAP Business Communication Services, and the SAP Transport Management Service as well as an improved Notification Management. And there are more than 1000 smaller improvements and new features with this new release.


SAP Web Dispatcher

Automated detection and monitoring of SAP Web Dispatcher instances. Includes RealTime Monitoring checks for connectivity, connection, queue, and thread status as well as SSL certificates.

SAP Business Communication Services

Native monitoring of SAP Business Communication Services with checks for erroneous outbound BCS records in RealTime Monitoring and Daily Checks, and for waiting BCS records.


SAP Transport Management Services

Native monitoring of SAP Transport Management Services with checks for import return codes that are not ok in both, RealTime Monitoring and Daily Checks.

Faster Notification Management

Significant performance improvements and decreased resource usage of the backend.

Notification Actions also support Changes and CCMS Alerts; Check Selectors and Change Selectors provide a more fine grained control of the trigger criteria.


More Output Channels

Xanmobile Notification, Browser Notification, Windows Event Log, Composite (combine multiple output channels and define dependencies).

Improved Run Command output channel: commands can be triggered on agent side.

More Checks

New agent self-check and master to agent connectivity check.

New server checks for physical memory and inodes (on Unix, integrated into the Filesystems check).

New custom checks for Disk IO and Network IO.

Every Custom Check can be included in a Daily Check, and Daily Checks are available for servers also.


More Performance Data

Website response times and more ABAP response time types, like HTTP, background, RFC, etc.

More Convenience

Open SAP GUI for a selected SAP system, start an RDP session for a Windows server, and open a shell or command prompt on a server directly from the user interface.

Favorites can be shared between users.